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Ita Solution Contractors Limited
Our services



Whether it is building or renovation, we deliver tailor-made projects, where the Customer is actively involved at every stage of execution


Ita Solution Contractors offers various types of services:


  • Realization of "turnkey" works from design to delivery of the finished structure, ready for use.

  • Buildings, restorations or extensions for commission, based on an existing project.

Best materials

We supply and install marbles and granites to almost any size or shape, using the latest machineries to cut, bond, polish and even add personalised text.



Ita Solution Contractor creation

Ita Solution Contractors Limited



DESIGN: the Customer is accompanied by our technicians in each stage of the planning of the work, from the organization and the arrangement of spaces, the distribution of facilities, to the furnishing.


RENOVATION OF PROPERTY: the Company deals with the renewal residential and commercial properties, renovating both the interior and the exterior, from the demolition, to providing also the design phase, where required.

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